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"If you have a massage every week, you will have 2/3 less illness."  H. Gruenn, M.D. Los Angeles, CA

What does massage do and how does it work?

For centuries, human touch has been shown to be emotionally and physically healing.  Particular massage techniques may either stimulate or calm the body's muscles and tissues to create a desired effect.  When a practitioner massages soft tissues, electrical signals are transmitted both to the local area and throughout the body.  These signals, in combination with the healing properties of touch, help heal damaged muscle, stimulate circulation, clear waste products via the lymphatic system, boost the activity of the immune system, reduce pain and tension, an induce a calming effect.  Massage may also enhance well-being by stimulating the release of endorphins (natural pain killers and mood elevators) and reducing levels of certain stress hormones. 

Customer Comments

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77% of customers would recommend

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· Thank you, the two massages I had with Molly were very helpful. I'll be back!
January 11, 2014
· I will return and do recommend them to family and friends.
January 11, 2014  
· Ashley was great!! I will be back
January 03, 2014

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